Film Friday

Every Friday I will be posting an educational, entertaining or just plain weird video on our site. Hopefully it will prompt discussion from you or at least get you thinking differently about an issue.

This week, Oral Sex

Pop quiz Define the following words:

Oral sex-





Don’t read on until you’ve tried to define these for yourself….done? Okay now for the standard definitions (some of these may differ from person to person and body to body)

Oral sex involves giving or receiving oral stimulation (i.e. sucking or licking) to the genitalia. Fellatio (also known as a ‘blow job’) is the term used to describe oral sex given to a man. Cunnilingus is the term which describes oral sex given to a woman. Irrumatio is the clinical term used to describe sex involving a penis thrusting between the legs, breasts, feet, upper thighs or the abdomen of two partners. Lastly Anilingus is oral sex involving someone’s mouth and lips and the anus of their partner.

Remember folks, there are safe ways to practice oral sex and one fun way to increase sensation is to chew a couple breath mints (try around with different kinds, but of course stop of something doesn’t feel good). Altoids have been known to feel great during a blowjob, and I wish I had scientific data to either back this up or refute it, but unfortunately there’s a shortage of…..  hard evidence. Personal reports are easier to come by, but hard to quantify since everyone’s body is different and not everyone uses the altoid in the same manner. So I’ll leave it at this, Some people who say they’ve tried Altoids-enhanced fellatio insist the mints makes a marked difference; others say it’s just a waste of time. The only way to know is to try it for yourself.

Now watch this video. is a great site to get more info on these matters and so many others like Condoms, Vaginas, etc.


One thought on “Film Friday

  1. I love Midwest Teen Sex Show! And here’s an additional challenge, if oral sex is something you’re interested in doing: figure out a way to make a condom or dental dam just as stimulating and fun as an altoid!

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