Faeris Amael Burns

“Faeris Amael Burns:
I’ve only been living with my new parents for about a year now, and I already love them inconceivably. I just want to brag about how great my family is ok ~*~*~

they like making sushi and riding bikes and painting ceramics and my little brothers like airplanes and good music and they’re cAMBODIAN and we all watch Amazing Race on Sunday nights even though it’s a stupid show and we play dumb games together like Uno and Apples to Apples and my mom buys me incense and we go out to coffee every other week or so and have mild philosophical debates and my dad, my dad. my dad is perfect. he makes me feel like I was his son always, he feels natural like breathing and comfortable like naptimes. My mom does dishes by hand and sometimes I watch her and my family is so perfect and predictable at times like those that I feel we are just living within my childhood dreams, back when I wished I had a family like this.

I love them.”
— Faeris Amael Burns

Faeris is a CHATpdx peer educator, a youth advocate and leader, and a rad human.


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