I’m Not Looking … But I’m Looking

Trying to find that special someone?

Welcome to everyone else on the planet.

Not cynical, just true.

Before complaining about not being able to find someone we need to ask ourselves WHY

  1. Am I at a good point in my life to meet that certain someone?
  2. Where am I going to where I could meet that someone?
  3. Does it really matter if I find him/her right now?

Question one pretty simple. Are you even ready for a relationship? A serious relationship. Relationships are like plants, (LOVE FERN!) they really do need to be taken care of. You need space, communication and above all trust for them to grow. And if you’re constantly running around to where you don’t really have time to devote to someone else… you might want to wait it out before jumping into something you’re not ready for.

If we made it past question one, awesome! Question two! Where am I going? A.k.a, are you just going to bars or clubs to make a connection with someone? If so, you should branch out. Like go to a place that works with your personality. For myself it’s book/comic stores, nonprofit fundraisers, arcades or coffee houses. Branch out but go there for you… not to find someone. They’ll come along when you’re ready.

Branched out? Good. Let’s end with Question three!

Does it really matter if I find him/her right now? If your answer is yes… you’re so wrong. If you’re desperately trying to find someone… you won’t. Murphy’s Law. You don’t need someone to make you feel wanted or needed… plus you realized how clingy and needy that sounds? Desperation isn’t attractive, but being happy with yourself and putting yourself out there in a fun/healthy way is.

Prince Charming and Girl-of-your-dreams are both myths. Finding someone who you really make a connection with is a fairytale that takes time and some self-love, but is very possible

Hope everyone enjoyed this little piece! I’m actually submitting this to some blogs/magazine so let me know what you think and hope it helped!

From Drew

Meet Drew Aguilera! He’s a 22-year-old, gay-mer/nerd, an ex model/actor and currently a Pacific NW writer, columnist and blogger. He’s also in the process in becoming a therapist for youth, couples, and the LGBTQ community. He’ll be contributing to CHATPDX as a blogger for the greater NW teens to 20-somethings in LGBTQ community and beyond.


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