Perfectly Me


All my life I have been called freak, been asked if I was a boy or a girl, been called stupid, mentally retarded, ugly, that I should have been aborted. I have been called every mean name in the book. Behind my back and to my face. Even online. But no matter what they say, no matter what they do. They will never break me down. Yes, it hurts. But I will move on, grow stronger every day that I live.

I may have a female body, but that does not define me as a woman. I am not a girl, I am a boy, a man. I am male completely inside and out. I was made, while others were born.

I am a boy. Perfectly me.

James Damien Moore 

James is a rad CHATpdx Peer Educator, volunteer and awesome human.



3 thoughts on “Perfectly Me

  1. You only let the words affect you how you want to affect you. Words do and will always hurt us because we’re not immune to that, but we can control how much it bothers us. I’ve worked in law enforcement and worked with psychiatric patients. I’ve been called a lot of words and learned very early on to not let it bother me too much.

    You’re beautiful. I hope you continue to be true to yourself, James.

  2. Hey there, thanks for sharing your story, I’m going through this with my son and was wondering,…. At what age did you realize you were the wrong sex. .gender?

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