Russian demonstrators seek LGBT rights

These young folks are putting their lives on the line to say its OK to be LGBT


The LGBT rights organization Coming Out helped organize a protest today in St. Petersburg, Russia, and released this account of the day’s events:

One of the Largest LGBT Demonstrations in Russia took place in St. Petersburg

Today, over 150 LGBT people and their friends and allies gathered on Marsovo Pole, the “Hyde Park” of St. Petersburg, to commemorate Vladislav Tornovoy and other victims of homophobic hate crimes, making this one of the largest public LGBT demonstration ever in Russia. LGBT activists were joined by members of civil and human rights groups, such as “Soldiers’ mothers”, “Solidarity”, Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial, Yabloko party, and others.

Around 150 counter-protesters, held at bay by police barriers, displayed photos of victims of pedophiles, shouted slurs, threw smoke pellets and small stones at the demonstrators. Among those were two radicals who are currently on trial for the attacks on LGBT activists last year. One of the…

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