The problem with ‘Love Your Body!’

Does Beauty Matter? What does it really mean to say “Love Your Body”?

Adipose Activist

Recently I stumbled across an article entitled ‘Don’t Tell Me To Love My Body‘ by Elyse. There’s a lot I loved about it, a lot of things that need to be understood in body-pos circles and a lot of things that people need to synthesize. 

First of all, Elyse was brave in admitting that she doesn’t love her body. In most body-positive spaces, that’s a huge no-no (‘No Body Hate!’) The pictures she posted were raw and real and it took a lot of guts to post pictures like that and exclaim that she doesn’t like her body.

There were plenty of things she said that I agree with wholeheartedly.

“Or maybe me loving my body is about you. And how you feel about how I feel about my body. If I tell you that “I love my body. I love my freckles. I even love my sagging…

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