Why Pride Matters

Sometimes we forget the battles that have already been fought

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Mourn the losses because they’re many, but celebrate the victories because they’re few. ~ Deb Novotny, Queer as Folk, S 3 Ep 14

Every year, Pride is a magical time of year when rainbows can be seen from every corner of Boston (including the statehouse), and celebration goes on from sun up to sun down each day. I love Pride.

Every year, though, it is met with opposition exclaiming “why don’t we have a straight pride parade?!” And, I feel like I need to give voice to why, as a gay man, I need pride, and why it is more than just a parade and confetti.

Pride is the celebration that has been denied to LGBT people on a day-to-day basis. Like the quote above, I’ve learned to mourn the losses, because they’ve been far too many. Pride is the celebration that doesn’t come along often enough.

Let me provide…

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