About Us

CHATpdx is a collaboration between organizations and individuals working to curb HIV and AIDS transmission among young people through peer education and outreach, HIV testing, youth services and social media.

CHATpdx uses four main strategies to accomplish this work:

  1. Peer-to-peer education to reach at-risk youth.
  2. Expanded HIV testing opportunities for at-risk youth.
  3. Use of technology (social media) to enhance peer education and extend its reach.
  4. Expanded and enhanced partnerships among youth serving agencies.

What we do — and what you can do!

  • CHATpdx (room) – These HIV testing/youth nights at Pivot (209 SW 4th Ave) occur every 2nd and 4th Mondays from 3 – 7pm (check the calendar).  Open for all youth 24 and under.  These nights include games, peer education, wii, snacks, and more.  Do you want your peer educators to “sponsor” a testing night? Contact Annika.
  • Print out a coupon and flyer!
  • CHATpdx Facebook fan page – www.facebook.com/chatpdx “Like” our page and get the latest CHATpdx news and events.  If you have an event relevant for youth 24 and under, send us the information, and we will post it.  Contact Ernesto.
  • CHATpdx is on Twitter as well!  www.twitter.com/CHATpdx
  • CHATpdx does the Tumblr thing — www.chatpdx.tumblr.com
  • Outreach testing events – do you have an event that will reach youth 24 and under?  Do you want HIV testing there?  Let CHATpdx know if you do, and we will see if we can make it work! Contact Annika.

While CHATpdx will not turn away any youth 24 and under, there is a special emphasis on reaching and serving racial and ethnic minority youth.  Extra efforts to market, promote, and serve youth of color are encouraged!

4 thoughts on “About Us

    • Hey Carol,

      I am happy to speak with you, however I do not think we are seeking a donations page on Facebook. Our larger organization (Cascade AIDS Project) already has a donation page and we have internal systems to work out online/private donations. Thank you for your message though, keep reading to learn more about our work!

      -Ernesto Dominguez

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