Film Friday- Questions (not) to ask a Trans person

Greetings CHATmosphere! This week I am in Washington DC with a group of about 120 activists talking about sexual and reproductive rights. While here we had a great conversation about some of the questions LGBT folks are asked and how inappropriate they can be. At the extreme level of these horrible questions are the ones that sometimes get asked of Transgender folks. Language is a great way of communicating and asking questions is a great way to learn things you do not know, but when the questions are inappropriate it can also be a really easy way to be pretty offensive. Even if that is not the way you are asking, it is important to know how your questions can be taken. Below is a video of some of the questions Trans people are asked. It is pretty humorous and points to some great points about being aware of how we ask questions. Make sure that any question you are asking about someone’s identity is a question that you would feel comfortable answering yourself. Have you heard any of these questions? Have you ever been asked them or ever asked anyone questions like this? Let me know! -Ernesto