have you ever wanted to be a superhero

busting heads and

breaking hearts, so

dashing people make you into art

and with fanfare install you

in City Hall


to guard the streetsSuper Heros

from filth and scum and

when times are good

they turn on you and

when times are bad

they turn to you and



you go back to




what would your power be?

would you fly or

dive or



run the city and

save the world


would you

use your x-ray vision

to look up women’s skirts

would you use your awesome power

to hook up and to flirt

would you come from outer space

to study the human race

and to pack us off

to see the things

we can’t yet make

to take over


would you inspire all the

good little

boys and girls

would you infiltrate society

and change us for the better

if you knew it’s what we need


could you hold us

in your arms

lift us out of harm

when the world is

going to hell

and we’re far too close to tell

but we’re falling in a well

with no end in sight

we’re too tired to fight

but there’s no other way

to make bad guys pay

so we need you to stay

and save us today

will you be the one we need

to take our hand and lead




there’s no call for speed


I’m just planting the seed




Introducing Tessara

Name: Tessara/Mayhem

Age: 21

Gender Identity: Genderqueer

Preferred Pronoun: “they/them/their”

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Location: Portland, Oregon

Likes: Reading, writing poetry & fan-fiction, knitting, educating around youth sexuality

Dislikes: Street harassment, unearned privilege, bigots, politicians who prevaricate, stigma

I have some poetry coming up on the blog- keep an eye out for it! Some of it’s pretty gritty, and stems from personal experiences that have been hard… I write fiction a lot, but I also channel anger and frustration into my work. I write about my experience of the world as a female-bodied person transitioning into a male presentation, my experiences with stigma and harassment, and my encounters with the –isms of the world.

I moved to Oregon from San Jose, CA at the age of 13. Shortly after getting here, I found SMYRC and got involved with Bridge 13, the community education project there. I spend a lot of time—both through Bridge 13 and on my own time—educating friends and strangers about gender and sexuality. Youth sexuality is oft-misunderstood, and education is easy. I use Gender Gumby and other awesome resources to show people how broad the range of sex and gender minority can be—it opens a lot of eyes!

I have had my experiences discounted time and again because of my age, and that is an awful feeling. My solution? Education! There are so many people who would be queer allies and adults who would be youth allies if they knew how, and that’s where we come in. The youth who stand up and talk, who share their experiences so that others can be aware and informed. Education is also important in Curbing HIV/AIDS Transmission among at-risk and racial/ethnic minority youth! Teaching that sex is dirty and shameful, or that condoms are evil, or that only gay people get AIDS are all things that contribute to the continued transmission of a preventable disease.

This blog is an awesome tool for educating, but it is also a great way to share community. Sometimes it can be so easy to feel isolated. CHATmosphere helps us see that there are others facing the same struggles we are, that we are not alone.